paso a paso

It is a compound revolutionary formed by colágeno, keratin and amino acids, especially treated to penetrate in the córtex of the hair and endow it of strength, shine and a perfect straightened.

  1. The natural composition of the hair is aniónica (negative). With the wash of the shampoo MHC achieve the main load aniónica.

  2. The cuticle of each hair is a layer semipermeable, that only micropartículas like the ones of MAX HIDRA COMPLEX achieve to enter in the córtex.

  3. The particles of MHC loaded positively are attracted like magnets by the proteins of the córtex, forming a proteinaceous complex. 30 minutes is the necessary time for the total absorption of MHC by the fibre capilar.

  4. Before ironing (seal with heat), has to clear the hair to withdraw the excess of product that have not gone in in the córtex. Only trabajeremos with the product that was inside the hair.

  5. With the heat of the iron achieve to merge the MHC with the proteins of the córtex, filling up the hair and closing the cuticle. It obtains a straightened perfect, with a lot of shine for the hair.

  6. Result

    We increase the volume of each hair, endowing him of more structure, treating and sealing the cuticles. We attain, without alisantes chemical, a straightened totally natural.

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